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Testimonials & Portfolio

I have been nothing but impressed with Kat Harvey's editorial prowess. She helped make my story the best it could be; let her do the same for you!

A.J. Laken,  BSFA nominated author of One Cog Turning with Luna Press Publishing. Genre: Steampunk Fantasy

I required some Editing and Opinion carried out at very short notice. Kat was a fantastic help, carrying out the work with enthusiasm and diligence. I would highly recommend using her Editing Service and will do so myself in the future.

Martin Geraghty, author of A Mind Polluted. Genre: Cultural Realism/Contemporary Crime

Kat Harvey is one of our strongest editorial team members.   She is thorough and efficient in her method.

Luna Press Publishing, small press. Genres: Science fiction, fantasy & dark fantasy

Portfolio showing examples of published books I have worked on

I can’t thank Kat enough for her help with my book.

This was my first attempt at writing a full novel and she was tirelessly patient with my long list of questions and lack of knowledge. I found Kat to be incredibly thorough, going beyond the call of duty to correct the parts of my text that didn’t sit right, along with the usual grammar and spelling errors.

Her inclusion of a style sheet and editing report with the returned manuscript has been invaluable as I’m writing a full series set in the same universe.

I will definitely be sending her my next book to do her magic with!

R J Sayer, author of Beyond the Coat Cupboard. Genre: MG science fiction

The edit was brilliant and picked up on all those things that slip past you when you become totally embroiled in your own work. The formatting skills and consistency you brought to the process will make for a sharper, punchier novel. Oh and thanks for the advice on genre and pace.

Brian Ledsom, author of Back of Beyond. Genre: Cultural Realism/Contemporary Crime

An enormous thank you and wholehearted appreciation must go to my editor, Kat Harvey of Athena Copy, a member of the Edinburgh Editors’ Network and the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. I know she will be embarrassed by me saying this, but: I cannot thank you enough for the work you have put in, in making my dream of completing and publishing this book come true. Without your professional eye for spotting my, all too frequent, errors, your advice and your questioning of the parts, which if they had been left, would have confused the reader, this book may never have been ready to face my discerning readership. Your command of the English language has brought my combined work of painting and writing together. I will be forever grateful.

Hiram Dunn, author of Borderers in Uniform from 1689. Genre: Military History

I'm really happy with what you've done and can't find anything I disagree with. I was worried that the voices would be watered down, but it still feels like my work, minus the mistakes!

Ruth Thomas, author. Genre: Cultural Realism/Contemporary Crime

‘Thanks’ is inadequate for what you’ve done – you’ve transformed and polished this work and Basil himself would have also been full of approval and admiration!

Sigi Goolden, independent author. Genre: Memoir/Biography

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