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Why choose me to edit/proofread your book?

  • I respect your voice and those anomalies which are the author's prerogative, fixing only what needs to be fixed in order to enhance what you have created.

  • My training with the SfEP (now the CIEP) and Chapterhouse ensures that I know the rules which should be followed; my experience ensures that I know when it's okay to break those rules.

  • I am a fan of genre fiction. I love it. From fantasy to thriller, romance to sci-fi and crime to erotica. I genuinely enjoy diving into stories, getting to know the characters, and helping to make the final copy the best it can be.

  • Stories don't have to be fictional to be compelling, narrative non-fiction is greeted with equal enthusiasm.

  • Your voice, your story. It is my job to polish your work so that it shines whilst losing none of what makes it yours.

  • If I do not have the specific expertise or the availability to give your writing the attention it deserves, I will not take your commission. 

  • I am professional, approachable, reliable, supportive, enthusiastic and creative whilst providing an excellent attention to detail.

  • I pride myself on my integrity but, for your added assurance, as a member of the CIEP I am bound by their professional Code of Practice.

  • I work mainly on screen in Word using Track Changes but can also work on PDF using the Comment function or on hard copy using the British Standards Institution (BSi) symbols.

  • Six years of writing custom erotica has made me good at working to brief and extremely open-minded. Strong sexual content does not faze me.

  • More than being a fan of crime fiction, I have studied how to Write Successful Crime Fiction which gives me an in-depth understanding of this genre's craft. 

  • I have studied screenwriting at Napier University in Edinburgh so I am familiar with the format and conventions of this discipline.

  • I have taken the TEFL course as part of my commitment to working with ESL authors.

I have been nothing but impressed with Kat Harvey's editorial prowess. She helped make my story the best it could be; let her do the same for you!

A.J. Laken,  BSFA nominated author of One Cog Turning with Luna Press Publishing. Genre: Steampunk Fantasy

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