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Get A Quote For Editorial Services

In order to give you as accurate a quote as possible I will need:

  • to know if your work is genre fiction or creative non-fiction,

  • the approximate word count of your book,

  • the subject/genre of your book,

  • the level of editorial intervention you are looking for,

  • your start date and deadline/schedule for completion,

  • to know what style guide you wish me to use e.g. New Hart's Rules, Chicago Manual of Style, your own (if you haven't worked to a formal style guide then I will create one for you as part of the process),

  • a copy of your own style guide, if you have one,

  • to see a representative sample (from the middle) of the manuscript,

  • to know what format I will be working with e.g. Word, PDF, hard copy

You can send me this information, along with the relevant attachments, via email.

Alternatively, you can get the process started by including what you can in the Request a quote form at the bottom of this page so that I can get back to you for further discussion.

I can also be contacted via social media.

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