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Editing Services for Indie Authors


Hiring me for a manuscript assessment or as your line editor and copy-editor gives your book the best opportunity to reach its full potential by raising its editorial quality and lifting it above the crowded marketplace. Your story and your characters will reach your readers structurally sound, uninterrupted by errors and inconsistencies, your words and dialogue will flow beautifully. The process retains your voice whilst enhancing everything that you have to say, allowing your work to shine.


Like me, you will have read books where the typos, grammatical errors, inconsistencies, poor formatting, nonsensical sentences and awkward dialogue  were so cumbersome that you lost interest in the story. It is almost impossible for an author to look at their own work with clear, objective eyes and catch all the errors and pockets of unwieldy content which will go on to become irritations and distractions to the reader. When we create something, we tend to see what we expect to see and not what is actually there.


I provide your objective eyes. I am here to support your journey to publication. I want you to be the best you can be and I will use all of my skills, experience and enthusiasm to help make that happen.

I provide various packages for you to choose from:

I also offer bespoke editorial services, which can cover a combination of the above, as well as coaching and book design/layout for ebook and print. Simply send me a message via my Contact page and we can discuss your bespoke requirements.

Genres and Subjects


  • Science fiction and fantasy

  • Crime and mystery

  • Romance and erotica

  • Paranormal

  • Historical

  • Chick lit

  • Adventure and war

  • Thriller

Creative non-fiction

  • History

  • Neurodivergence

  • Travel

  • Biography, autobiography

  • Psychology

  • Popular science

  • Paranormal

  • Dating, romance, erotica

  • Books, movies, television

  • Pets, wildlife

  • Nature, the outdoors

  • Social media, the internet

  • Adventure, war, military

  • Parenthood

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