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Editorial Services and Rates

For businesses, charities, government and community groups
Editorial services available

What will it cost?

Every project is unique. Whether it is a website, a business plan, promotional material, the annual report, your CV or another written document that relates to the work you do, the cost depends on how long the edit or proofread takes.  How long it takes depends on:

  • the brief,

  • the readiness/quality of the content,

  • the deadline.


An approximate guideline for work rate:


  • 2,500 words/hour for a document that has already been copy-edited, is text only, and requires a straightforward proofread,

  • 1,300 words/hour for a document that requires a full copy-edit, no re-writing and is mostly text,

  • 700 words/hour for a document that requires extensive re-writing as well as editing/proofreading.

Rates for editing and proofreading (approx.)*

  • £30/hour

  • £120/half-day

  • £200/day

* Discounts available for longer projects and regular, repeat business.

Editorial services and rates for businesses

You can brief your Editor/Proofreader to check for any of the following: 

  • typos, spelling mistakes, grammar and usage, punctuation errors, capitalization,

  • consistency of style and content,

  • style considerations,

  • copyright and fair use, fact checking,

  • re-writing for clarity,

  • cross-references,

  • wording, content and structure,

  • page numbers and page headings,

  • table of contents matches the text,

  • illustrations, graphs and tables,

  • end-of-line breaks, widows and orphans, running heads.

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