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The Proof-Edit


This combines The Proofread and The Edit. Your manuscript gets a full line edit and copy-edit, after which you will accept or decline any changes made, make your own changes based on points raised and then, when you are happy with it, return it to me for a final proofread and format in preparation for publication. Basic formatting for e-book or print can be requested.

Guideline Pricing:

£15–£20 ($18–$24) per 1,000 words.

Checks and Services included in The Proof-Edit:

  • typos

  • spelling mistakes

  • grammar and usage

  • capitalisation

  • punctuation errors

  • consistency of style

  • consistency of content

  • style considerations

  • copyright and fair use

  • fact checking

  • content and structure

  • wording for clarity, consistency and flow

  • formatting

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